Lead Software Engineer, Open Sourcer

Hello, I'm a Software Engineer with over 10 years of field experience who always goes the extra mile when It comes to technology. I put my biggest effort into problem-solving and I do my best to solve all my work challenges. I’m looking for a career that actively provides new challenges every day.

Previous work

Solana Blockchain Engineer




  • Dapp development.
  • Smart Contract development.
  • Rust Backend Development.
  • GraphQL API development.
  • React Frontend Development.
  • Tooling, support, and open source work.
Fullstack React GraphQL Engineer

Parsley Health



  • React app Development.
  • Mobile app Development.
  • Backend, GraphQL Layer + DataLoader.
Web Practice Lead

Gorilla Logic

2019 - 2020


  • React/Redux web app development.
  • Screening process.
  • Workshops and Coaching.
  • Web Technical Leadership.
  • Architecture Contributions.
  • React Native Development.
  • SEO And Retention optimizations.
Senior Software Engineer

Twin Engines

2017 - 2019


  • Full stack software engineering.
  • Cross-Platform mobile development.
Software Engineer

Trifecta Software

2014 - 2017


  • NoSQL Database Management/Development
  • Web API (REST) development.
  • Native iOS App development.
Software Engineer


2013 - 2014


  • Legacy Code Migration
  • Android Native App Development.

Workshops and Tech Talks


Formal Education

Computer Systems Enginnering

Fidélitas University


Blockchain: Solana, Solana’s Anchor, Rust, Solidity, @solana/Web3.js, Solana wallet adapters, SPL Token Library, ETHERS, Solidity, Hardhat.
React: Next.js, Gatsby, React-Native, CSS-In-JS, Emotion, Styled Components, Hooks, Context, Redux.
Frontend: React, Angular, Vue, Ember, jQuery.
Programming languages: Typescript, JavaScript, Python, Dart, Swift, Objective-C, Java, C#, Rust.
Other languages: HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS, JSON, XML, LESS, YAML.
Relational databases: MSSQL, Postgres, MySQL.
NoSQL databases: MongoDB, Couchbase, Firebase.
Backend: ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, NodeJS, Express, GraphQL, Rust Rocket, Rust Juniper.
Serverless: Firebase Cloud Functions, Google Cloud Run, AWS Lambda.
Infrastructure: Docker.
Desktop: Electron, Tauri.
Mobile: React Native, Native Android, Native iOS, Flutter.
Version Control: GIT.
Deployment tools: Microsoft AppCenter, Github Actions.


Spanish: Native
English: 80%

About Me

If you’re looking for a rockstar, someone who cares about delivering high-quality products and results, someone who communicates blockers and any sorts of problems promptly, someone who is 100% capable of taking the lead of a project end-to-end, then don’t look anymore.